Installation Date: February 2017

Building Size: 42,000 sq. ft.

Existing Equipment: Metal halide 400-watt lighting

Upgrades: Replaced high bay lighting with LED and added occupancy sensors


118,456 annual kWh savings

$21,381 first year savings

Challenge: Due to insufficient lighting produced by the antiquated 400-watt metal halide units, the storage warehouse had been dubbed by employees as ‘The Dungeon’.  Executives were becoming increasingly aware that the dark, dreary working conditions were leading to unproductive and uninspired workers.  With a major inventory audit approaching, management needed to quickly develop a project that not only brightened up the space but also made sound financial sense.

Solution: By combining LED lighting with occupancy sensing technologies, Mynt Systems was able to provide the warehouse 60% more light with 79% lower energy costs.