To Our Clients

Mynt Systems was designed to fill a need that we noticed was missing in the marketplace. We saw this huge demand from many different industries for commercial energy efficiency but it was fragmented and confusing at best. We have the government demanding it, we have property owners requiring it and we have end users expecting it but it didn't seem like anyone knew where to turn to get it.

If you own, manage or operate in a commercial property you have a need or desire for commercial energy efficiency not only from a cost savings perspective but also from an inhabitant comfort and health standpoint. Some of the newest and most advanced technologies are emerging from this need and yet most of the time it seems like a very difficult process to understand and better yet, find who the right people are to help with it.

The Need

There are energy efficiency consultants and engineers who can help define your current situation and create a design for your property but what they deliver are typically very detailed and confusing reports that leave you with the task of trying to figure out what to do next or who to call to have the strategy implemented. There are contractors who understand and deliver energy efficiency technologies and products but do not have the ability to evaluate your property from a multifaceted or comprehensive approach.

Lastly there are government and nonprofit agencies that will lead you to all the appropriate people but leave you doing the lion’s share of the footwork. This fragmentation and confusion can cause you and your business to miss out on possibly the single biggest improvement to your bottom line available today.

The Idea

Mynt was conceived from the idea that all of this could be brought under one roof, a one-stop shop for energy efficiency that takes all the guesswork and the footwork out of the equation for you. We wanted to help you; the property owner, the property manager or business owner get the energy efficiency in the simplest and quickest way with the least amount of headache and risk. We found a way to combine the assessment, engineering, design and implementation into one package that is easy to understand, financially appealing and ecologically responsible.

Mynt acts like each of these components at each step of the way by serving as the consultant during the assessment phase, the engineer at the planning and design phase, the general contractor at the deployment and project management phase and the owner’s representative at the measurement and verification phase.

Our Solution

This complete package has not been readily available until now and will create the opportunity for you to achieve the results you want with just one company. Our goal is to partner with you in getting your property or business to where you want it with convenience and ease by handling every aspect of the process with a systematic approach that is tailored to you and your business specifically. Every property is different and requires its own unique approach to energy efficiency, there is no “one size fits all” method and that’s why our A to Z process guarantees the very best predictable and measurable results.

In the same way that when you have a construction project you call a good general contractor who will handle the consultation, design, permits, project implementation and deliver the end result that you expect Mynt Systems will do the same with your energy efficiency. In fact, Mynt Systems is a General Contractor and can handle all of your property improvement needs. Having a General Contractor’s License is important to our unique process in that we bring our vetted and trusted subcontractors ability and expertise to our projects and keep you from having to take the time to find and contract with each competency separately, never knowing if you hired was the best company for the job.