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Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport is a nine-story hotel located in Burlingame, California. The close proximity to the San Francisco Airport and events held in the beautiful atrium located at the center of the property created a need for sound attenuation. Acoustical panels were installed on the atrium side in addition to a secondary glazing unit on 785 guest rooms. This window reduces the sound levels in the guest rooms by 15 decibels, resulting in improved guest comfort levels. The hotel is now able to host more events in the atrium space.

Toll House Hotel, Los Gatos CA

Toll House Hotel is the seamless blend of an intimate small-town hotel and the modern character that embodies the Silicon Valley. At the heart of beautiful Los Gatos California, at the base of the serene Santa Cruz Mountains, this charming hotel perfectly captures the ambiance of the historic South Bay town.

Mynt Systems completed a full renovation of their HVAC system, LED lighting retrofit from the stairwell and courtyard lights to the parking garage and even the buildings famous year round perimeter Christmas lights. Solar control window films were implemented and help reduce the heat gain and therefore reduce the energy consumption on the air conditioning. All contributing to an enhanced guest experience.

In addition to the above energy savings this property is expected to save an additional $800 annually in maintenance costs.

These energy saving are equivalent to:

54,023 lbs  of carbon dioxide

5.2 passenger vehicles removed

58,344 mile/year driven by an average person

8.8 tons of waste sent to landfills

2,757 gallons of gasoline consumed

26,321 lbs of coal burned