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Net Zero Manufacturing

Mynt has completed phases I and II of a three-phase project to drive this IT manufacturing facility building to net zero energy. We have begun engineering on the parking lot solar structures which will provide the remaining 1/3 of its power and complete this project (Phase III) in Q4 2017. In addition to the rooftop and carport solar (Phase II), Mynt has installed new LED lighting, new HVAC equipment, and window film. According to the Living Futures Institute, this will be the first retrofitted NZE manufacturing building in the country. When completed, this 1.02 megawatt system will generate more than 1.6 million kWh of clean power per year and over $8 Million in avoided utility costs, over the next 25 years.

Happy Valley Elementary

Happy Valley Elementary is located in Santa Cruz, California. Happy Valley was looking for a customized approach to designing a project that utilized their Proposition 39 funding. As a single school district, they have limited resources for project planning and management. Mynt Systems was selected to be their energy planning manager. After a year of planning and revising their plan to meet their needs, we were able to design a plan that included new LED light fixtures and lighting controls in every room and a 12.4 kW ground mounted solar system. New lighting in the classrooms was a priority for the superintendent, both because of the increased light quality for the students and the maintenance savings. The lighting control system now provides dimming capabilities as well as vacancy sensors that ensure lights are not left on when the space is unoccupied. A tankless water heater, programmable thermostats, plug load controls, exterior LED lighting and a high efficiency refrigerator provide additional energy and maintenance savings. The annual carbon emissions reductions are equivalent to the following: 5.6 fewer cars on the roads 63,565 fewer miles driven per car 3,004 gallons of gas consumed 9.6 tons of waste in landfills 28,676 pounds of coal burned

St. Michaels Catholic Church

St. Michaels Catholic Church in Boulder Creek, CA was looking to increase the amount of light in the church while saving energy. They were also inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and human ecology to install solar on the rooftop of the church. Mynt Systems worked with the Romero Institute and the Diocese of Monterey to create a finance package to provide the church with the lighting and solar upgrades for a single monthly payment that will be less than their monthly savings. LED lamps replaced all incandescent and CFL lamps and a 5.2 kW solar system was installed to offset 99% of their annual energy usage. The annual carbon emissions reductions are equivalent to the following: 2.7 fewer cars on the roads 30,439 fewer miles driven per car 1,429 gallons of gas consumed 4 tons of waste in landfills 13,553 pounds of coal burned

Mountain Elementary School, Soquel CA

Mynt Systems visited Mountain School on Earth Day to help explain all the new upgrades and green technology that were installed.

As part of the Mountain School Proposition 39 funding, new LED lights have been installed throughout the school. The new lights use 66% less energy than the fluorescent fixtures they replaced. Combined with dimming capabilities and vacancy sensors, the LED lighting upgrades will save the school approximately 24,000 kwh annually or $4,500. The expected life of the LEDs is 20 years, which will save the school an additional $750 annually in maintenance costs. LED lights are mercury free, reducing potential hazards for students, teachers and faculty as well as benefiting the environment. Click the link below for a more in depth look.

Case Study Mountain School

Sonic Manufacturing, Fremont CA

Sonic Manufacturing is an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA. The heat produced by the manufacturing equipment and the metal halide lighting in the facility was overwhelming the cooling units. A complete LED lighting retrofit was completed for the manufacturing floor and office areas. Each lighting product was carefully selected to ensure the light quality and level in the manufacturing areas was maintained. Low-e window film was applied to all east and west facing windows to reduce heat gain to further reduce cooling costs. The monthly savings generated from upgrading the lighting and windows was then used to finance the replacement of three of the 30 year old HVAC units that had reached the end of their useful life. 

Annual Electricity Savings: $54,492 Annual Maintenance Savings: $3,676

Equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide emissions of:

  • 489,632 Miles/year driven by an average passenger vehicle
  • 23,140 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 220,887 Pounds of coal burned