Parking Garage Reduces Energy Consumption by 70%

Project Site Photos



Installation Date: October 2015

Building Size: 205,422

Existing Equipment: T8 Fluorescent and HID Lighting

Upgrades: LED Fixtures with Integrated Lighting Controls


70% annual kWh savings
$31,163 estimated first-year savings
$20,320 in utility rebates


Challenge: The T8 fluorescent lighting in the garage was not efficient and required regular maintenance due to the high hours of operation. The owner wanted to reduce energy while enhancing the safety and security of the garage occupants.


Solution: By selecting LED fixtures with integrated and tunable motion sensors Mynt was able to decrease energy consumption by 70%. A rebate was secured for over 20% of the project cost and a 36-month interest-free loan from the utility was used to finance the
project balance.