Phase I: Consulting

Everything starts with communication. One of the unique advantages of the Mynt System is that our expertise is lateral—bringing building design, energy engineering, green tech, and construction together under one roof. Because of this, our focus is not on completing one piece of your project, but on the overall goal of making your property more profitable.

In this initial phase, we will share the improvements that we believe are possible for your building, your business, and your people. This is also when we uncover all of your goals and objectives, and make sure there is good organizational alignment to achieve them. We will also ensure that there are opportunities for new profitability. In our minds, projects that don’t make properties more profitable are untenable; as the saying goes, if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

Phase II: Feasibility Study

This is another area where Mynt excels—our proprietary software combined with the deep experience of the team is used to analyze the current performance of your building and calculate potential new performance and profitability. We compare your building against thousands of similar properties in our database and engineer a first-pass look at the potential project scope, design, costs, and likely returns.

The goal here is to identify a good project fit, establish the budget, and discover the potential new value for your property—whether retrofit, renovation, market-ready, or new build.

Feasibility Metrics
Drawing a blueprint

Phase III: Mynt Blueprint

The Mynt Blueprint is a key phase of your Building Performance project. In this phase, we reverse-engineer the outcome, focusing on generating new value and improved performance. We build out the project plan by making a deep-dive analysis of the building as it currently stands—its existing history, materials, and overall condition.

The Blueprint is what takes your capital expense and turns it into an investment, with a new set of performance metrics to use as a guide for future profitability. We will collect together the scope, final design, equipment list, hard construction costs, execution timelines, energy modeling, and economic proforma. Then, we will transform it into a turn-key package, ready for permitting and immediate implementation—by Mynt, or a GC of your choice. We include T24 calcs, Utility Rebates, Tax Incentives, and any finance procurement in the Mynt Blueprint as well.

Phase IV: Terms & Procedures

Once you and your team have decided to move forward with the Building Performance project, we schedule a meeting with stakeholders in both organizations to discuss the finer points of the construction process.

This step is where we discuss the details of the agreement, introduce our construction management team, and uncover any potential hurdles to the delivery of the project that will have to be overcome. The information shared during this stage will become the basis for our master contract moving forward. We take great care here to provide an opportunity for changes in design and scope, and to make sure everyone involved is heard and understood.

Phase V: Project Delivery

Mynt’s project management and construction team will begin the process of project execution and delivery. This includes the top-to-bottom project overview and the construction schedule. All vendors and subcontractors will be mobilized to execute on the agreed upon timelines, with constant and effective communication between our project management team and your team.

This is where Mynt Systems ensures the accuracy of the financial metrics previously presented, by utilizing a hands-on approach to project execution. Working with only the highest-performing vendors and subcontractors, we avoid unforeseen costs and delays with a clear RFQ/RFP process and seamless communication across teams.

As an established General Contractor, Mynt Systems handles every aspect of the project delivery cycle, which insulates the property owner from unnecessary liability and time loss. We know you’re busy, and we work hard doing what we do so that you can continue to work hard doing what you do. Our combination of high-tech systems and old-school quality will transform your building into the high performance investment it should be.

Phase VI: Operations & Maintenance

Your newly “Mynted” building will have a new operating system that needs to be managed effectively to guarantee the desired and predetermined results. Our engineers will monitor energy usage, inhabitant comfort levels, and systems integration metrics to create the post-project verification report.

A case study will be generated for your property, useful for the marketing and showcasing of the new value generated through your building performance project. Specialized technologies involved in your project need specialized maintenance and operations, and Mynt will stay on board to ensure the expected results and to further tune the performance of your building around changing conditions and occupants.