All In On The New Energy Future
Mynt Systems – 05/25/21

Over the years, as our business has grown and matured our purpose has become crystal clear. We are working with forward-looking leaders to develop sustainable buildings that create both equity and prosperity in the new energy economy.


A Little Background

We were founded on the triple-bottom-line principle of people, planet, and profit with the understanding that making buildings more efficient and profitable is part of a sustainable future. We saw a need for a single organization that works with commercial property owners to design, engineer, and deliver renewable energy projects as an investment strategy.

Like many young businesses, we adjusted our focus over time. But we always remained true to our original vision.

As often happens in a business that iterates quickly, the look and feel of the company and how we express ourselves lagged behind what we’re actually doing day to day. We knew it was time for a refresh.

The Big News

In May 2021 we deepened our commitment to building the New Energy Future. We doubled down on helping property owners practice Synergistic Capitalism — the future of business where organizations collaborate in sustainable building and win together.

To reflect our dedication to mutual success, we launched a new Mynt brand and a freshly mynted website to go with it.

The Mynt brand is strong and unapologetic with a hint of our rebellious attitude.

Our fresh site gives us the opportunity to tell property owners how they can win in the new energy economy while making life better for people and the planet. And since we’ve always wanted to tell other business leaders just how we feel about our vision of the future, we created a manifesto to do just that.

Looking Forward

We’re thrilled to be diving into the next phase of our business, happy to include the building owners and developers we worked with on our journey, and hopeful that many more will join us in creating the New Energy Future.

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