We Are Building Performance Specialists

What is Building Performance?

Building Performance goes beyond Development, Construction, Energy Efficiency and other generally separate building practices to create immediate Environmental, Social, and Financial Impact from your building.

This total-view approach allows Mynt Systems to provide turn-key solutions to complex problems and generate massive impact in short time frames.

Featured Case Studies

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Solar Carport in Progress

Diocese of Monterey

Community, Office,

Aerial Image of Rooftop Solar

Rosicrucian Museum

Community, Education, Hospitality, Other,

Rooftop Solar

Holy Cross School & Church

Community, Education,

St. John the Baptist

Community, Education, Office,

The Benefits of Building Performance

Increased Profitability

Mynt Systems taps into the latest technologies and products to develop a turn-key project solution that will produce energy savings, improved inhabitant comfort levels, and financial benefit with measurable results. Most projects not only cover their cost of implementation, but are revenue-positive within the first year, based on the cost-savings from prevented energy waste.

Beyond Design & Build

We offer full construction services, but we go beyond that – we can also integrate energy efficient systems into your building, solve water and lighting problems, and give accurate estimates before project start for the whole thing. In addition, our experienced staff works on your behalf to procure and processes all available rebates, incentives, and tax benefits for maximum customer profitability and project performance.


You can’t measure performance without metrics. That’s why Mynt Systems monitors and measures performance data closely to ensure the highest possible returns and property value. Full property assessments are used to develop a strategy to lower operating costs, improve profitability, and increase property value.

Fully Integrated & Transparent

Since Mynt is an integrated system, we are able to deliver a fully implemented project from start to finish, under one contract, with dedicated project management. This streamlines timelines and mitigates risks, and you’ll know how your building is performing all along the way. Innovative tools and smart metric data removes the common barrier between you and what’s happening in your building.

Energy Efficiency Plans

Energy efficiency is generally an add-on service, and one that has to be coordinated with design and build phases: usually these are all separate contractors. Mynt Systems integrates these services to get your projects done more efficiently, with site-specific energy efficiency plans to maximize financial performance.

Licensed General Contractor

As a full general contractor in addition to our other capabilities, Mynt Systems is a one-stop solution for your project. With over 60 years of combined experience in construction, energy efficiency, and project management, you won’t need to duct-tape a solution together ever again.

The Mynt System Advantage

Mynt Systems has done the impossible and seamlessly married industry leading construction practices with cutting-edge energy engineering and technology to deliver the highest possible returns and property value.

Mynt's founding team has decades of experience in Development, Construction, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Project Management, and Financial Services.

Mynt is uniquely situated to focus on your building's performance, with end-to-end project evaluation, management, design, and build.

Mynt at Work

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Mynt System Capabilities

Feasibility Consulting

Feasibility Metrics

Building Performance Concept

Building Design Concept

Building Performance Design

Drawing a blueprint

Project Delivery & Execution

Measurement & Verification

Measurement metrics

Operational Maintenance



From Our Clients


Diane Morgenstern

Superintendent, Mountain School district
The team at Mynt Systems is first class on every level. I can’t say enough about their commitment to client support, follow-through, responsiveness, and reliability. I recommend them without reservation and would not hesitate to use their array of services in the future.

Brandon Wolsic

Executive Vice President at ESI Ventures
The team at Mynt Systems are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, they continue to meet and exceed all of our expectations and have delivered great results. I would confidently recommend them to all my colleagues and associates.