Propelling A New Energy Vision

We are a consultant and contractor that delivers new-energy projects from initial site exploration to finished construction.
  • CONTRACTORS & ENGINEERSWe develop, engineer, and build site-specific designs that optimize your investment.
  • PARTNER MINDSETWe are long-term thinkers helping create the renewable energy systems you envision.
  • PROFITABILITY FOCUSEDWe look at the economics of each project to ensure that everyone involved benefits.
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A Distinct

We approach new-energy development differently than a typical EPC builder. We see ourselves as participants in bringing the sustainable energy economy to dominance.

For us, a contract is more than an isolated project. It’s a living component of the new-energy network. As a result, we view every engagement through the lens of an asset that needs to be managed from concept through construction, ongoing maintenance, and refinement. We call this perspective AMPS (Asset Management Performance Services).

AMPS Elements
Step 1

Project Development
& Delivery

Starting with economic analysis through design, engineering, and construction from the AMPS perspective, we co-create an asset with you that de-risks and secures your returns.
Step 2

Systems Follow-Up

The technologies involved in your project need specialized maintenance and operations. We stay on board long-term partners to ensure the expected results, fine tune the performance, and adjust to changing conditions.
Step 3

Verification Report

Our engineers monitor energy production and systems metrics to verify the output and returns that we contracted to deliver. Our ongoing involvement gives us “skin in the game” ensuring that we continually optimize your systems.
Step 4

Case Study

We generate a data-based impact case study that provides the information you need to develop a narrative around the value created by the asset we created together — a useful springboard for generating PR.
Our PhilosophyFounded with a dedication to playing a part in creating a sustainable future, we deliver results that produce profits while benefiting people and the planet.

We see a future where renewable energy as a given is inevitable. Sustainable energy production and storage is intertwined with building performance, and we’re thrilled to be part of the transformation of both of these sectors.

Meet the Team
Working with Mynt we realized we could transform our corporate headquarters office in Watsonville, CA into a showcase of our values in a way that didn’t break the bank and also made it a more comfortable place to work. Mynt’s solution is reducing our energy consumption from the grid about 90% and paying for itself through lower utility bills.
Jon Erskine, Senior Environmental Scientist, Graniterock


We turn commercial buildings into sustainable assets that increase their profitability

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