Can rooftop solar and batteries make a new clean energy grid possible?
Robert Hymes – 06/01/21

As a follow up to our post about Decentralization of Power, this article from Volt’s, David Roberts from Volt’s, David Roberts, presents a fantastic summary of the WIS:dom Planning model, which proves why smaller, more distributed energy systems are key to a more equitable, more sustainable, decarbonized and electrified new energy future.


Key to the argument is that we should look at distributed energy as a complement to the more centralized “utility-scale” clean power plants. We really need both to change the paradigm and fully evolve the energy economy. There simply is no more efficient or cost-effective holistic solution than generating energy from the sunshine we capture for free all day and then managing it with locally distributed advanced smart energy storage systems.

Here in California, utility-scale solar developers have already done their job, creating the “good problem to have” of surplus clean energy on the grid. The next step is creating a statewide system of interconnected distributed clean energy generation and energy storage assets, ideally located alongside of our private and public essential services hubs and critical infrastructure.

Join us in building this #NewEnergyFuture where all of us as a collective of people, businesses and communities can participate and prosper in this (r)evolution of the grid.

Read the full article here.