The (r)evolution will be electrified
Rob Hymes & Derek Hansen – 12/10/21

The new energy future is here...


For too long we have all been stuck buying dirty unreliable power from a centralized outdated utility system which places shareholder profits above the collective good. We've been told that a more sustainable distribution of power is cost prohibitive, that our communities and businesses lack the sophistication and wherewithal to manage our own energy needs, that disrupting the existing infrastructure will result in chaos and inefficiency. We need to evolve beyond this zero sum paradigm - the new energy economy is that (r)evolution.

Conventional utility systems generate the majority of their energy from finite resources which become more and more costly to extract, more and more costly to clean up. They then deliver that energy over inefficient aging infrastructure, resulting in expensive rates, low quality of service and unreliable power. Until now, we have had few, if any, practical choices for energy outside of simply hooking up to the incumbent utility's grid and using whatever type of power they supplied. There was no choice to be made about where your power came from, how it was generated, or how the utility company was allocating their own profits. Bills continue to climb year over year with no choice as to how we power our buildings, our operations, and our businesses.

All of this has created a massive negative feedback cycle - the more power we all need, the more we rely on larger scale generation, the more pollution is created, the more costs increases are distributed inequitably. All the while our grid is deteriorating, creating hazardous even deadly conditions and unreliable power.

We're at the doorstep of the greatest shift in modern history, a wedge has been placed in the crack of the hierarchical paternal oligarch that we all subconsciously subscribe to. This wedge shows up in the form of an informed global community of humans that have begun to melt away the tribal self identification and instead placed the global community at the forefront of a collective consciousness.

This breakthrough was triggered by the DECENTRALIZATION of information; the free access to what was once only known and disseminated by the elite. The ripple effect of this global shift has been a total rejection of the institutional subjugation of our free will and a full realization of the true potential of a unified human will and consciousness. We have begun to develop technologies and beliefs that cannot be conscribed into a reversion of control; this is the end of the few dominating the many.

We believe that POWER comes in many forms but yet one of the most valuable iterations comes in the form of actual and applicable electric power. This power is what propels our machines, lights our buildings, and heats our hot tubs yet we believe that we must bow to the master and pay for what nature has already deemed as free. The time has come to reclaim our inherent and established place in the ecosystem of universal synergy and brilliance; we do this by harnessing the very thing that has powered this biosphere since the dawning of ages - the sun.

The beautiful thing about the sun is that it shines on us all, equally, without judgement nor favor. This is the nature of the true vector of life, where there is no distinction between deserved and earned, simply and only supply and use. Here's the fantastic news, the days of systemic control are dead and gone; we're finally at the point in which a secondary school student in Nigeria has access to the same information that provoked the writing of this article. We are fully and completely in control of our futures, we just don't know it yet.

If there’s one lesson we as a human collective have learned from our past, it’s that the greatest change has come from the bottom up, from the courageous few who stood up to the inflictors of irrationality and fear, the system of oppression, and from a handful of rebellious disruptors inspiring us all to question normal and create a brand new reality. It started with the decentralization of information, this evolved into the decentralization of geo-political boundaries, which then evolved into the decentralization of equity, and finally evolved into the decentralization of currency and energy, the two most manipulated and controlled vehicles in the history of mankind.

Back to the doorstep... we are living in the most transformational period in recorded history, and most of us don't even know it, thanks to the establishment trying to hide it from us so they can squeeze out the last few drops of profit from a dying model. We want you to know that the hardest working, smartest, and most vigilant people we know are loudly operating on your behalf to usher in this platonic shift, one that will with no doubt create inconvenience and conflict, but one that will ultimately generate universal freedom and equality to the 99% of humanity who wills to love rather than fight.