What Becoming a B Corp Means to MYNT
Ruby Roberts – 07/19/23

Who is MYNT?

Mynt is a Renewable energy Developer and Contractor. We believe that sustainability and profitability can coexist. In fact, Clean Energy is an untapped profit center for Industrial real estate, turning what was once a cost into a long term revenue generating asset.

What MYNT Does

Mynt provides end-to-end clean energy development services, which include engineering, investment strategy, development, project management, delivery, and ongoing asset management.

MYNT’s Mission

MYNT’s mission is to empower as many commercial and industrial property owners and developers as we can transition their properties to renewable energy. Your properties represent a new asset class that enables you to participate in the renewable energy economy. A new energy building delivers high yield while generating positive outcomes for people and the planet.

Becoming a member of the illustrious B Corp community has given MYNT the chance to walk our talk in a deeper way. Not only do our practices, culture, and work reflect our commitment to a new corporate paradigm of sustainability and inclusion, our corporate status now does as well. Becoming a B Corp member has also enabled us to further our internal company culture to be based on the values of B Corp as a guideline for how we function as a team. We are truly grateful to be aligned with the new breed of companies looking to change the world for good.
Derek Hansen, Co-Founder & CEO, MYNT Systems

Becoming a certified B Corp has been a dream of MYNT’s Chief Development Officer, Robert Hymes for over a decade. Most of the business leaders and companies I look to for guidance and inspiration on how to best serve the triple bottom line have become B Corps in order to formalize their commitments to protecting the natural resources and communities we all love,” Robert says. Community and sustainability is at the core of everything he does.

To now be able to join that group of visionaries is an affirmation of all that I’ve been working towards. The idea that we are not beholden to a set of Zero-Sum Winner-take-all ideologies, but rather a mindset of mutual benefit and positive-sum, is key for us all to find a sustainable balance on this paradise we share.
Robert Hymes, Chief Development Officer, MYNT Systems