San Benito
Health Foundation

Critical Healthcare Facility Commits to Net Zero Carbon and Grid Failure Resilience.
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Lighting,
  • Windows,
  • HVAC Systems,
  • Energy Storage,
  • Building Automation Systems

SBHF’s CEO sought to retrofit their facility to be net zero carbon and capable of 24/7 operation with a microgrid in the event of a catastrophic grid failure.

A small critical health care facility, SBHF serves the economically disadvantaged and predominantly Spanish speaking community of Hollister, CA. Their CEO, who is originally from Puerto Rico, was inspired on a recent tour, by the resiliency she witnessed in the reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Maria. Her vision of a resilient facility was the genesis of the project.

While the overall project cost was $1.7M, it was partially funded by grants and subsidies that we helped them navigate.

  • Rooftop Solar System

    The energy generated by the solar system is stored onsite and sent back to the grid at the times when energy costs are the highest. This strategy garners credits with the utility that offsets energy bills in low production/winter months. During an emergency or utility outage, power export can be halted to allow the facility to provide critical care to the community.

  • HVAC Upgrade

    Heating and cooling typically represent the highest energy draw in a building. By implementing advanced control systems, the HVAC system can be optimized for energy and comfort.

  • Value Engineering

    Along with the implementation of the energy measures, a complete facility facelift was performed, including the installation of a training kitchen to teach affordable and nutritious meal prep to low-income families. Our holistic, value-engineered approach to design and construction allowed for both projects to be completed quickly while the facility remained open to serve.

214,291 kWh



First year savings


Utility Savings

17,584 SqFt

Building Size


Rebates & Incentives


Allows the facility to save an estimated $40k annually in energy costs.
Five days of Zero Carbon resiliency.
12 HVAC Units Replaced
Installed a building management system to improve HVAC efficiency.
LED Lighting Upgrade
Reduced overall energy use by replacing inefficient fluorescent lighting.
Power Means Lives
Congressman Jimmy Panetta, Mynt team members, and SBHF CEO Rosa Fernandez celebrate the opening of the resilient building able to provide health care during a long-term power outage.